Have a Wonderful Trip

Our Story

Why would you want to read what we are writing about?

We are currently in our mid fifties and have been married since we were 17 and 18 years old.  We  were both bitten by the ‘travel bug’ very young.  Dave was in the military so we have moved around a lot in life and had a wonderful opportunity to travel.   Was it all sunshine and roses? …………..  No way, just like life things sometimes took an interesting turn……but our life has been both fun and exciting; we have some wonderful memories and had the opportunity to connect with some great people along the way.

Our children are now both married and have families of their own.   Over the years we have had some interesting trips.   I used to tell friends our tales of adventure and for years they have told me to write them down.   I liken our travels to something like the movie “European Vacation” with Chevy Chase……if you haven’t seen it you really should.    Like the movie, we have gotten into some interesting situations over the years.   Some of our tales might make someone shy away from travelling…..however for us it just makes an interesting tale when we return.   Our children have referred to it as the “family travel curse”…..it has even gone down the generations and now our son’s family is having some of their own fond travel tales.   One section of our website will be dedicated to telling some of our adventure tales.

When Dave was in the military we spent 5 years in Germany so were very fortunate to be able to do extensive travels in Europe.  At the risk of sounding “old”  let me start by saying that travel today is so much easier…………..in our earlier travel days you had to use a travel agent to book trips, you relied on going to a library to research what to see or else found out from others what there was to do and see in a particular area.   Todays travelers have an opportunity to use the internet to research their destinations, with more people travelling and writing about it  you have a good chance to know what there is to do and see.   There are sites that give advice and opinions and ratings on various trips and places so you can find out ahead of time if it was worth the time and cost.  You also can be sure you get to see all there is that you wanted to see…………nothing worse than going on a trip and someone later asking if you saw something and you had not known it was there.

We are not experts but we have done a fair amount of travel, made some mistakes and have happened on some useful tips that can help others.   We intend to post a lot of information, we think that putting the information all on one site would be a great help when planning your trip.

Never be afraid to travel…..it is exciting, and your memories are unique…..they will stay with you long after the trip is over.  We hope you ” Have a Wonderful Trip”.