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Finding your way around airports

By May 17, 2016 Airplanes, Making Plans, Travel websites

Heathrow-Airport-London-4We have been there and done the wondering around airports looking for our next gate on connecting flights,  we have found in recent years the availability of online information helps make it easier to plan ahead and take away any  uncertainty and allow you to enjoy the experience and have time to browse or stop for a meal.   Therefore, whenever we travel, we make a point of checking out any airport that we will pass through.  Whether just using the information to know the size of the airport area,  know where to head for gate changes or while on a stopover what shops or services are available, I always check it out ahead of time and download a copy of the airport map to bring with us.

You usually do not know your departure and arrival gates until close to the time you depart or it can change.   I will have a printed out copy of the map with me as well as a link I can access from my tablet or phone.   I use the time while waiting to board to review the new airport to be sure I know where we will enter and where we have to go next. There are a lot of very large airports where you may come in on one end of the terminal and have to go to an entirely different end to connect with your next flight.   Having this information saves time when you get there.

Whenever we travel and have to be at another gate to depart we always go to the new gate as soon as we get there just to be sure we know where it is and then we will explore the airport or get something to eat once we are confident where we will have to go and how long it will take us to get there.

In the past I would look up each airport individually to get the information that I wanted but I have stumbled upon a great website which provides links to most world airports.

World Airport Guides

So on your next plane trip try it out and have a great trip.

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Where to go…..how to decide

By April 17, 2016 Making Plans


The start of any trip plans must be answering the question of where to go.  We have a “bucket list” of places we want to go.   Our list is not in a specific order.   Rather we constantly are on the lookout for two or three at a time.   That way we are able to look for the best deals or take an opportunity to travel with others at times.

The “stars need to align” to help decide which we will do first.   However there are some things that may put one ahead of the others.   For instance a few years ago we went to Alaska, it came in higher on the list due to changing climate and our desire to see certain sites before there was much more changes.   Other trips we have planned we have decided to delay, for example a few years ago we wanted to do a trip that included Egypt.   The year we had hoped to go they had a lot of civil unrest so we made the decision to postpone that one for the time being.

Only you know what is most important to you and your travelling companions…….I suggest you make a list of all the places then look at each individually and see if any are higher on your priority list.

Once you have your list of where to go….the next thing is to take a good look at each place and research things like the best time of year to visit them.  Put all of that together either in a file, a notebook, or on computer (like the pinterest sample shown above) whatever works for you.    Now you have a starting point.   So for instance if you always wanted to go to Mardi Gras…..you must go during the time it  is on…….if for instance you want to experience 24 hours of daylight then June in Alaska or Yukon for instance may be what you are looking for.

Consider who is going with you, ages, fitness levels,  and any special considerations to help you chose the perfect place and time……..kind of hard to hike up a mountain with an infant or to plan an extended trip during school time when you have teenagers.   If you have some of these considerations you may need to adjust your plans to see what fits best with your limitations.

Do not forget to look up things like average weather conditions for the time frame you are considering…… for instance, you may not want to go to the North Pole in the middle of the deep winter.

Once you have a couple of places in mind you are ready to start looking for the best trip for you.    It is easier if you are open to a couple of things and not necessarily stuck on one thing but if you are looking for something specific then you will need to do your research.  Either way now you have your list done and can begin to look at options.






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